Super batteries made of Hemp


For the longest time graphene was considered the material of the future, with the potential to revolutionize battery technology, among other things. By now it should be clear to everyone that in regards to progress and development, battery technology is lagging behind almost any other technology. Every day we are reminded of that, whether when charging our smartphones or taking a look into our photo bags, with several spare batteries hiding inside. Unfortunately Graphene manufacturing is still very complex and expensive, which forces researchers to be on a look-out for other promising materials. One of these alternative raw materials is hemp.


Without wanting to sound ambiguous, hemp seems to pack quite a punch. Like researchers have shown, hemp supercapacitors have a number of advantages over their graphene counterparts. The former are considerably cheaper to make, they have by orders of magnitude higher energy density and they are very cold- and heat-resistant. With 12 Wh/kg they have a much lower energy density than Li-Ion batteries, but who knows, maybe researchers will find a way to get more out of hemp. 😉

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