UV recordings of the skin: Tom Leveritt’s “How The Sun Sees You”


Whether in form of photos or videos, UV recordings always show us an aspect of reality invisible to our eyes. Shooting his latest video, which is embedded below, the videographer Tom Leveritt has made use of the said recording method in order to make passersby aware of the condition of their skin and the importance of sunscreen and care. The fascinating thing about How The Sun Sees You are not the photographic nor artistic aspects of the video, since the video is not about equipment or the recording process, but rather the unique property of skin to age and sustain damage, without it being immediately visible. Only UV recordings can show us whether our skin is going to remain beautiful in the long run or whether it will become wrinkled and littered with freckles in a few years.

© Tom Leveritt

As the short recordings of the kids show, we are all born with immaculate skin. The oft-cited “good genes” seem to be overrated, at least when it comes to beautiful and healthy skin. At the very least they are not more important than sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. 😉

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