5 Features that as a Photographer I would like to have


Whether it’s WiFi, ever higher ISOs or 4k, lately I get the feeling that the photo industry is increasingly promoting features that are out of touch with photographers. Instead of these features, which are centered around trendy mobile devices and ever higher numbers, I would like to propose five features, which would bring real benefits to photographers in a number of situations. The following features are the ones I have in mind.

Completely matte display

I probably need ISO400,000 once a year, but every time I set foot out the door I wish for a LCD, which remains usable even under very bright sunlight. The DP2Q has a much better LCD than the Merrill, but it’s still too far from being perfect. I don’t understand why not a single manufacturer has hit on the idea of incorporating a completely matte display into a camera.

Energy Management

Whether it’s notebooks, tablets or smartphones, by now all these devices have power saving features, and I’m not talking about sleep stat and shutdown. A device should be capable of reducing clock speeds or of reducing power consumption in some other way, while completely staying responsive and usable. How about a mode, in which the camera turns its EVF/LCD (biggest electricity consumers) only if you wrap your fingers around the grip? This way the camera would be saving energy in all those situations where it’s doing nothing, besides hanging around your neck.

Lower ISOs

Yes, you read that right! In the majority of cases the most beautiful photos are being made when there is plenty of light, when you could make due with ISO25 or 50. Who wouldn’t use these sensitivity settings, if they provided results with even less noise and more dynamic range? I don’t understand the hype revolving around cameras, which are reaching the 0.5m ISO mark. I would benefit from such dizzyingly high sensitivities far less than from the two aforementioned ISO settings.

Usable fully-electronic shutter

I experienced this feature for the first time with a Nikon 1 camera, where it’s still very limited with genuine 1/60s. I can say one thing though, you don’t have to be a paparazzo to appreciate a camera which is capable of taking a photo without making a sound. The only way it could be even nicer, is if the indicated 1/16,000s (not a typo!) were for real, so that one could use these fast shutter speeds to capture fast action or use extremely fast flash sync speeds.

Faster sensor read-out in combination with “multi shot”

In order to make this feature work, one would probably need the fully-electronic shutter mentioned above, otherwise camera shake could be induced. Wouldn’t it be nice though, to be able to shoot a dozen of photos within 1/1000s, which then could be computed into a single RAW in-camera? I bet that after a few minutes of consideration anyone can get an idea on how to make use of this mode in a sensible way. 😉

That’s all from me for now. Let me know in the comments, should you have other interesting ideas or if you find my proposals useless. 😉

  1. Well shooting exclusively in natural light better performance in High ISO is always on the want list for me. I agree with the matte display.


  2. Sorry I meant to say that I always shoot in AVAIABLE light.


    1. Sorry I meant to say that I always shoot in AVAIABLE light.

      Why not use a flash?


      1. I don’t like flash (I do have an external one that I never use).

  3. I would like to replace the PASM dial with a jog wheel so I wouldn’t need to change parameters blindly meanwhile I’m using the evf or photographing at night. So with touch I could graduated it to put the point at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, etcetera.
    My old Sony R1 has everything I want and although I’ve used more modern cameras they’re behind in design because it has a top mounted screen (similar to a medium format’s waist level finder) that allows me to grab the camera with my hand comfortably without be worried for touch any screen, buttons (except the PASM dial) that I can touch without stop to see the subject (landscape generally) or the screen or evf, and mainly the joystick to change the focus point. Once you try it you cannot go back.


    1. Once you try it you cannot go back.

      I’ve used it, loved it. It’s a huge camera though. And it lacks the simplicity and minimalistic design of the Sigma DPs. For what I like to shoot, I consider the DPs almost perfect. Aside from the features mentioned in the article, the only thing I would wish for is an EVF. Either in the left upper corner a la NEX6/A6000 or as an optional unit.


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