LionCam: photographs lions at close range


Some people, like zoologist Kevin Richardson, are fearless and have the rare gift of being able to get very close to dangerous wild animals, and even to play and cuddle with them. If you are not a lion whisperer, you have to be content with marveling at the wonderful animals from a safe distance. For photographers in particular it is a nuisance not to have the lion whisperer gene since they want to take interesting, authentic and rich-in-detail pictures on the one hand, on the other they don’t want to disturb the animals or put their lives at risk. In order to solve this problem, photographer Steve Mandel developed his LionCam – a remote-controlled buggy camera that is based on British photographer Will Burrard-LucasBeetleCam. The photos that Mandel took with his LionCam are impressive and immediately reminded me of Anput Shah’s photo series “Serengeti Spy”, which I wrote about here. This series used a remote-controlled camera as well, albeit a stationary one.


© Steve Mandel

4S5A0222 EHC_7824 4S5A0383-web 4S5A0254

© Steve Mandel

Since the LionCam has enough room for a DSLR and a GoPro, Mandel used the latter to film the lions’ reactions to the small intruder and its strange rattle. As you can see, cats, no matter how big, are easily persuaded to play. 😉

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