Sigma News & Rumors: first sample pictures of the 150-600mm S at wide open aperture and Foveon-like 36 layer sensor, not by Sigma


Sigma-Rumors reported a few days ago about the first sample pictures of the new 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Sports lens. Now, the chinese website published the first samples at open aperture – just in time for the retail start in mid October. These brand new samples, shot with a Canon 5D Mk III, can be browsed on Imgur. Imgur may load a bit faster, yet only one of the pictures is available in full resolution. On the Chinese website, on the other hand, one can see all the pictures in full resolution, they just take a bit longer to load. The picture with the eagle looks a bit blurry, but the portrait pictures at 279mm and 600mm (the second one) provide a good idea of the potential of the new lens.


For SIGMA and Foveon fans the other news are also quite interesting. Scientists of the University of Granada and the Polytechnic University of Milan have developed a Foveon-like sensor containing 36 layers. The new and so called “Transverse Field Detector” sensor is supposed to be able to absorb 12 times more color information than a common senor or the human eye. I cited a short passage of the official text about the new “Super-Foveon” for you:

the new sensors developed at the Polytechnic University of Milan are called Transverse Field Detectors (TFD) and they are capable of extracting the full colour information from each pixel in the image without the need for a layer of colour filter on them. In order to do so, they take advantage of a physical phenomenon by virtue of which each photon penetrates at a different depth depending on its wavelength, i.e., its colour. In this way, by collecting these photons at different depths on the silice surface of the sensor, the different channels of colour can be separated without the necessity of filters.

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