Bert McLendon’s ‘Caricatures’: Portraits which take after caricatures made by street-artists


As many professional photographers, Bert McLendon from Texas earns his living with family-portraits and shootings with children. Inspired by caricatures known from street artist, he started taking pictures of his circle of family and acquaintances just a few months ago, whose faces he modifies with the aid of Photoshop. Bert Mclendon linked his photo-project on Reddit to increase his awareness level, as plenty of photographers do nowadays. What followed were a looooooooooot of comments, thousands of “upvotes” and hundred thousands of views. But the most important thing, at least for a professional photographer, many inquiries of potential customers. Meanwhile, the fancy and funny portraits are part of Bert McLendon’s repertoire. It seems he has to look for another activity to keep his life-work-balance. Personally speaking, I can highly recommend cats- and dogs-photography. Spending plenty of time with our four-legged friends reduces stress, lowers blood-pressure and puts a smile on our faces. 😉

© Bert McLendon

Bert-McLendon-2 Bert-McLendon-3 Bert-McLendon-4 Bert-McLendon-5

© Bert McLendon

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