Sigma News & Rumors: SPP 6.1 and DP2 Quattro Firmware 1.03 released


Sigma Photo Pro 6.1 is the first version of the SPP RAW or X3F converter compatible with all cameras made by Sigma. As a reminder, in earlier versions of SPP 6.x.x you could only open and edit Quattro and Merrill X3F files and those captured with the SD1. Editing X3F’s captured with various versions of the 4.9MP Foveon image sensors has required SPP 5.5.3 (or older). You can read over the changelog with other improvements and bugfixes on the bottom of the page. Simultaneously with SPP 6.1, Sigma has released firmware version 1.03 for the DP2 Quattro. Beside some bugfixes this new firmware entails an upgrade of the internal JPG engine. From now on RAW files can be converted into JPG in camera. But since I shoot RAW+JPG anyway, I will wait some time before I update the firmware 😉


SPP Ver.6.1.0 Changelog

  • It is now compatible with the RAW data (X3F files) of all SIGMA digital cameras including the SIGMA dp1 Quattro.
  • It has corrected the phenomenon that folders do not appear properly in the ‘Computer’ section of the Main Window.
  • It has improved the processing speed when RAW data (X3F files) of the SIGMA dp Quattro is displayed in “Display Quality Priority Mode”.

DP2 Quattro Firmware Ver.1.03 Changelog

  • It has added the function to develop RAW data (X3F files) on the camera internally.
  • It has corrected the phenomenon that file numbers occasionally reset when they are set to be consecutive numbers.
  • It has corrected the phenomenon that the camera freezes when playing JPEG files developed by SIGMA Photo Pro.
  • It has added the function to display RAW data (X3F files) photographed by other SIGMA digital cameras. * It excludes RAW data (X3F files) of SIGMA SD9 and SD10.
  1. […] 1.02, and because I use RAW+JPG anyway, I probably won’t update the FW to 1.03, which was released some time ago, on my DP2Q. I will install SPP 6.1 in the next few days, just to see if it really got faster in […]


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