While Lying Wounded on the Ground he Whipped Out his Smartphone and Took a Selfie


The following story from Tampa, Florida, will certainly give even the biggest fans of selfies food for thought. Namely, when 23-year-old bartender Andrew Noll (right in the picture) lay bleeding on the ground because he had gotten shot by his ex-mistress, he used his smartphone to take a selfie instead of calling the ambulance. I don’t want to go into detail about the complicated background story (which affaire doesn’t have a complicated background story?)-  the reader keen to know more about it is asked to read the linked article. I am wondering about the frame of mind of a person who prefers taking a selfie rather than calling for help with a through-and-through wound in the chest and infernal pain?

Image Source: Tampa Bay Times

Is this evidence that the need for sharing, social networking and acceptation is capable of incapacitating our instinct of self-preservation? What would Mr. Abraham Harold Maslow say about that?

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