Nigel Stanfords „Cymatics“: a music clip about Cymatics, the visualization of sound


There are methods to visualize sound waves – an example is schlieren photography developed by August Toepler, a German chemist and physicist.- Cymatics, however, is about showing the influence of sounds on objects. Simple examples are vibrations in liquids, like riffles in a glass of water or “bouncing” grains of sand, which got set in vibration on a metallic board. The musician Nigel Stanford and film-maker Shahir Daud, reached noticeably deeply into their bag of tricks for the music video embedded at the bottom. In addition to the before mentioned examples, there is water getting “persuaded” by loudspeakers to build spirals, instead of running down in a straight line, and a pseudo equalizer, built up from flames. My personal highlight is the little Tesla coil in combination with the hauberk, which serves as Faraday cage (close to the end of the clip) ;).

You can get to know more about the effects on Nigel Stanford’s homepage and also in the following behind-the-scene videos:

The music is not really up my alley but I do like the effects a lot. 🙂

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