Sigma News & Rumors: first test reports and sample images of the DP1 Quattro and the 150-600mm Sports


Amazed about how fast time flies, I’m sitting in front of my notebook to write this blogpost. I could have sworn that not even three weeks have passed since the first samples of the Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 have gotten published – but in fact, it was 6 weeks. In the meantime the lens found its way to the LensTip’s editorial office (a detailed test report is available here) and to the first owners. Onasi, a DRReview user, wrote this report for Nikon-Rumors. Wolfgang Steiner, a regular poster of the DSLR-Forum, uploaded loads of sample pictures and RAWs in this thread, in this one he posted an image quality comparison of the Sigma Sports with the Tamron 150-600 and here he uploaded his initial photos taken with the Sports and the new TC-2001 teleconverter. He took all of his photos with the D810 and the D7100. With so many little pixels on their respective sensors, both DSLRs, especially the D7100, demonstrate what the lens is capable of in a worst-case scenario.

Of course, I’m no super-tele-expert, but to me the Sports appears to be a little sharper than the Tamron and seems to have better, smoother bokeh. Combined with the 2x converter it still appears to have usable image quality, but because its light gathering power is reduced to f/13, it is necessary to bump up the ISO even in the blazing sun to provide for a sufficient short exposure time, given the effective 1200mm focal length.

Sigma-150-600mm-f5-6.3-DG-OS-HSM-Sports is the only website that released a review of the DP1 Quattro until now. In addition to JPGs in full resolution it is possible to download RAWs and to examine them carefully in SPP as well. Unfortunately, the photographs are neither especially good nor suitable for evaluating border sharpness and corner detail. Luckily, there are further 20MP JPGs in the DP1Q-group on Flickr., which are remarkably better from a technical as well as an artistic point of view.

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