When Man Leaves Nature Be: Abandoned Shopping Mall in Bangkok and its Inhabitants


I recall an animation on TV showing how our cities would look like in 10, 20, 50, 100 years after mankind disappeared. If we didn’t exist, nature would slowly reclaim everything. Even the highest buildings would deflate after a certain period of time and would no longer be distinguishable from the surroundings. After 100 years – If I am not mistaken – everything would look like a primeval forest. Pictures taken in 2013 in Bangkok by Jesse Rockwell, a professional chef and travel photograph, make clear that this scenario is no fantasy.

DSC_2088 © Jesse Rockwell


© Jesse Rockwell

The pictures show basement floors of the former “New World” mall in Bangkok, which remain flooded throughout the whole year. At first it was constructed as an eleven-floor building. Due to building regulations which include a height limit of four floors in this district, the upper seven floors were demolished in 1997. After the roof has burnt out in a fire in 1999, the mall was abandoned and has shifted to a paradise for Kois, catfish and other fish species.

Hint: You can find more pictures with “New World Mall Bangkok” or similar search phrases

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