Nguyen Dinh An, quite possibly the funniest Wedding Photographer in the World


Not without reason is the wedding considered to be the most beautiful day in one’s life. However, organizing and making a dream wedding a reality, can be rather tiring and time-consuming. The list of things which have to be considered and planned is seemingly endless. Trying to make it perfect for everyone can increase your stress level considerably. One forgets far too easily that a wedding is not an end in itself and that its purpose is to celebrate each other and have fun. For this reason a good wedding photographer should not only be able to take good photos, but also to provide entertainment and defuse a tense situation. With regard to the latter, the 22 year old Vietnamese photographer Nguyen Dinh An has nothing to worry about. He certainly seems capable of making even the most stressed out wedding couple smile. His crazy presentation looks almost like performance art and incorporates a combination of gymnastics and funny dance moves, including Michael Jackson’s Moon Walk. But see for yourself:

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