„Projections in the Forest“: Projection Mapping turns an ordinary Forest into a magical Place


Projection mapping – also known as video mapping – is a projection technology developed in the 1960s, however, it hasn’t seen widespread use until much later, due to the high cost of the underlying technology. One of the best known early examples are fake severed heads in Disneyland’s theme ride The Haunted Mansion, onto which short animation sequence were projected, in order to make them appear even more authentic and scary. Falling prices of high-performance projectors after the turn of the millennium have paved the way for widespread use of projection mapping. Over the last fifteen years this technology was most commonly used at art installations and events, primarily to project content onto the sides of buildings. With their short film „Projections in the Forest“ photographer Tarek Mawad and animator Friedrich van Schoor are turning an ordinary forest into a magical place, and in doing so showing that there is a lot of untapped potential in video mapping.

If you are curious how the duo has managed to create all those complex effects, the following BTS video should provide answers to all the questions you might have:

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