Are You Satisfied with the Performance of Your Image Editing Software?


Today, I read that Adobe will stop supporting 32bit operation systems in Lightroom 6. Allegedly it isn’t possible to use all features of current OS’s, as long as you support old 32bit operation systems. Despite the actual alpha phase – open beta is apparently scheduled for later – there is already much speculation about the performance which can be increased by up to 70% in this way.

I think that the 5.6 version works fast both on my desktop and on my laptop, although the performance of LR 5 is often criticized on the internet. It isn’t as fast as the 3.6 version I had before, but it is still sufficient. But as a long time Sigma- resp. SPP-user I’m used to act according to the motto: “Good things take time to ripen” 😉 Therefore I’m not able to assess how fast photo-editing software should run.


That’s why I’m interested in which software you use and how satisfied you are with its performance. I’d find it particularly exciting to see comparisons with Lightroom if you take the two-pronged approach. I’ve recently been reading a lot of good things about Capture One.

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