The “Banana Carver”: Stephan Brusche’s unusual, funny Food Photos


Although the greater part of his work consists of cutting fruits and drawing on fruit peels and skin, and the only reason why he takes pictures is probably to eternalize his fading works, I’m very fond of Stephan Brusche’s creations. I know, you shouldn’t play with food, but in this special case I’m willing to turn a blind eye. 😉

The Dutchman, currently living in Rotterdam, uses other fruits from time to time, but I think it’s great that he makes his works almost exclusively of bananas. For us photographers it is said that zoom lenses make lazy and uncreative. Therefore, to combat these afflictions – I would simply call it “Zoomitis” – it is often recommended to use fixed local lengths and to “zoom with your feet”. As can be seen from the following pictures and Brusche’s example, imposing restrictions on oneself can sometimes work miracles in terms of creativity.

© Stephan Brusche

banana-drawings-fruit-art-stephan-brusche-8 banana-drawings-fruit-art-stephan-brusche-9 banana-drawings-fruit-art-stephan-brusche-10 banana-drawings-fruit-art-stephan-brusche-11 banana-drawings-fruit-art-stephan-brusche-19

© Stephan Brusche

More banana-carvings, as well as some gloomy motifs can be found on Stephan Brusche’s Instagram-Account.

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