‘Dubai Flow Motion’: Rob Whitworth’s latest Time-Lapse Masterpiece


Rob Whitworth is on the best known representatives of the time lapse genre. With his time lapse videos, such as last year’s Barcelona GO! and Enter Pyongyang, he increasingly shifts the boundaries of what is technologically feasible. Virtually all of his previous videos went viral on the internet. With his newest work “Dubai Flow Motion”, he surpassed himself, in my opinion. The distinct tracking shots, zooms and changes of perspective offer a unique tour through Dubai. One moment, the camera is on the ground, the next moment it is on the airplane, then on the roof of the highest building in the world – just to fall through all levels back to the ground again.

According to Whitworth, it took two entire weeks to complete the storyboarding phase and to obtain all filming permissions. Painstaking planning is so important, above all, because Whitworth is a huge fan of long takes. The behind-the-scenes video embedded below contains some examples of such very long, continuous shots.

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