The definition of a unique photo-opportunity: a baby-weasel, riding on the back of a flying green woodpecker


Way too often photographers claim to have taken advantage of a unique photo opportunity, when, in reality, it is a motif that has been photographed countless times before. Since this term is being seriously overused at the moment, there is obviously a need for an example one can draw upon whenever somebody is claiming to have taken another allegedly unique photo of the Gullfoss – the “golden waterfall”, one of the most photographed motives in Iceland. 😉

One such photo was taken on two weeks ago, in the east part of London, by the hobby photographer Martin Le-May. The picture shows a baby-weasel riding on the back of a flying green woodpecker and what a unique opportunity really is. It also makes it rather obvious that, clearly, not every picture has already been taken by somebody else. So if you should be all too familiar with the vemödalen-feeling, like myself, then I suggest you take a good look at this photo and commit it to memory, so you can remember it when you’re sitting in the black hole of absent creativity next time. 😉


© Martin Le-May

Before I saw the rest of the pictures of the series on BoredPanda, I wasn’t sure whether the photo was genuine myself. In the following video by BBC News Le-May explains how it was taken.

One thing is for certain: weasels might be cute, but they are far less cute when their belly’s rumbling. 😉

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