There’s no harm in a joke: “DIY” Leica Corespondent for €33,000


For some time now Leica has been collaborating with well-known designers on the development of tis limited and special edition cameras. One such special edition of the “M” was designed by Apple’s chief designer Johny Ive and Marc Newson, who has also designed the extremely unusual Pentax K-01. As you can read in the comments section on DPReview, the photo populace doesn’t exactly have a positive opinion of such special editions. The responses are similarly negative and derisive, like the ones Hasselblad’s wooden handle cameras have gotten. This however doesn’t seem to stop Leica from regularly announcing new low volume M cameras. One of the most recent ones was the camera titled “Corespondent” and designed by Lenny Kravitz. As one might expect from Lenny Kravitz, the Corespondent has a used look like the ripped/tattered jeans the rocker likes to wear a lot. Only 125 sets, consisting of a Leica M-P, a 50/1.4 and a 35/1.4 were made – each costing €22,500.


Bildquelle: Leica AG

Probably inspired by “Leica pricing” and the unusual design, a jokester had gotten the idea of offering a “DIY Leica Corespondent” on ebay. The set had consisted of a Leica M6 and a piece of sandpaper and was offered for a “buy it now” price of €33,000. 😉

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