Sigma News and Rumours: further DP3 Quattro Samples, with and without the FT-1201


Since I talked about the first DP3 Quattro sample photos two weeks ago, more buyers have received their DP3Qs. Currently, there are 153 photos in the DP3 Quattro Group on Flickr and many more are expected to surface on the internet in the following days and weeks. Some of the shots are especially interesting for fans of 85-90mm focal lengths, e.g. the ones by Flickr user Kazua0213, who has tested the new FT-1201 accessory tele-lens on all DPQs except for the “0” one.

It is important to mention that the accessory lens is intended primarily for the DP3Q and that it increases the focal length of the camera by a factor of 1.2, from 75 mm to 90 mm (FF equivalent). Kazua’s photos – most of which, if not all, are available in full resolution – are raising my hopes for good imaging performance on the DP3Q. This shot, for example, appears to be as sharp in the 100% view as my photos which I took with the DP2Q without an accessory lens. Talking about the DP2Q: it also seems to work well with the FT-1201 (examples 1 & 2). The accessory tele-lens only leads to extreme vignetting on the DP1Q (example) – this type of vignetting is distinctive of circular fisheye-lenses. However, I think that using the accessory tele-lenses on WA lenses does not make much sense anyway, since usually one wants to further reduce the focal length of WA lenses instead of increasing it.


This photo of a DP3Q taking advantage of lots of add-ons is also interesting – at the bottom one can see the screen magnifier LVF-01, in the middle the DP3 Quattro, the accessory tele-lens FT-1201 attached to the lens, and on the top a lens hood made by a third-party manufacturer, unknown to me.

More sample images can be found on However, these are only available at relatively low resolution of 6MP and are therefore not exactly prime material for pixel-peeping. 😉

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