This LEGO-slide-scanner is faster than many a professional one


Lego bricks are not just toys, in the same way as “The  Simpsons” are not just a cartoon for children. In order to understand many of the jokes and allusions in “The Simpsons”, one needs good general knowledge or a fondness for irony and sarcasm, things that are developed only at a certain age. The same seems to hold true for Lego bricks. In order to harness the bricks’ full potential, one needs a pronounced urge to create things and a goal-oriented play drive. Otherwise nobody would ever come up with the idea to build complex appliances out of a bunch of Lego bricks. Appliances like a “scanner” that can, digitalize huge amounts of slides in next to no time, thanks to its batch mode. Admittedly, the “scanner”, built by the media designer Pascal Kulcsar, does not have a backlight unit with a line sensor, which is why it needs a DSLR (including a MF lens and an extension tube). However, this small disadvantage does not make this crazy piece of equipment any less impressive. 😉


© Pascal Kulcsar

The fascinating thing about this LEGO-slide-scanner is that all pieces –unbelievably so – work together as a whole, so that, after switching it on, all photos appear directly on the computer and the scanned slides are put into a tiny basket. Just watch the following video. Before seeing it in action, it’s hard to believe that the scanner really works. 🙂

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