Seth Casteel, a master of underwater portrait photography


Ever since his photo-series Underwater Dogs went viral at the beginning of 2012, the US-American photographer Seth Casteel belongs to the most well-known representatives of the underwater photography, and there specifically pets. Two years later, he returned to his proven formula for success for the project “Underwater Puppies” – except that this time around, he is not taking pictures of grown dogs jumping into the pool, but of puppies.

Because of the unusual way in which the portraits are done and because of the partly funny, partly cute faces the dogs make at the moment they plunge into the water, the two photo series were also extremely popular as books. In the last week of December in 2012, “Underwater Dogs” was number 17 on the NY Times Bestseller Charts – an astonishingly high placing for a photo book. Making second place in the category ‘animals’ in November 2014, “Underwater Puppies” was equally successful.


© Seth Casteel

dog4_mini IGGY_promo REASON_promo

© Seth Casteel

A few days ago, Casteel presented his latest series, Underwater Babies. As the name suggests, this time is also all about underwater portraits, the difference being that the cute quadrupeds have made space for even cuter babies. 😉

Valentina_PR Zoe_PR

© Seth Casteel

I am very much looking forward to his next project. Who or what will be going for a swim next? 🙂

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