The following illustration shows how photos are affected by different apertures values, ISO numbers and shutter speeds


Who has not come across this situation: a friend who only knows the fully automatic mode has realized, from one day to the other, that photography is great fun and that, in order to take his pictures “like a professional”, they now want to use the PASM modes exclusively. Since it does not make any sense to explain the camera settings first, one starts with the basics: the “exposure triangle”. Against expectations, everything seems to be going well at the beginning. The friend is eagerly taking in all the new knowledge and slowly starts comprehending how the three parameters influence each other. However, as soon as one delves deeper into the subject matter and starts explaining how the parameters for exposure influence the picture – especially depth of field, image quality, camera shake and noise – the friend’s confusion visibly grows with each sentence.

Now, it would be arrogant to assume that the technical side of photography is so immensely complex that few can fully grasp it – after all, we all started on a shoestring. Much more likely, it is probably the steep learning curve that most beginners do not expect. In order to make the beginning easier, connections have to be presented in an easily comprehensible manner, like in the following illustration:

Image source:

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