Andreas Lie’s double-exposures – wild animals and sceneries as one and the same


Like every photographic technique, double exposures are mostly used for their visual effect and not because one has arrived at the decision, after careful deliberation, that a photo is content-wise or aesthetically improved because of it. Often it is assumed that double exposure can hide a bad technique or a boring motive, or make it interesting, which is, of course, a big mistake. In fact, double exposure makes the photographic process much more complex, which in turn makes the successful implementation of such a shot – meaning the creation of a picture people actually enjoy looking at – much more difficult. A shot like this has to be well thought through.

Since most beginners are not aware of this, one gets swamped with double exposures when surfing the internet – weirdly enough it seems to be mostly portraits, which, in my opinion, do not make any sense at all. These pictures do not hold the viewer’s interest for very long.

Andreas Lie’s double exposures are different. They appear to be well though through and to the point. The stile reminds me of Japanese ink paintings, which have always fascinated me. I also like the message that wild animals and their living spaces are one and the same thing! 🙂

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Should you also be interested in other forms of art, I suggest you take a look at these sculptures by Ellen Jewett. It is hard to believe that these are real and not CGI.

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