Lightroom 6 and the GPU deceleration


When I updated from Lightroom 3.5 to 5.6 at the start of last year, I noticed after just a few photos that the new version is running more slowly on my PC. In fact, a new version of an image editing software should be optimized and perform better than the old one. At least, if nothing has changed in terms of camera equipment, like resolution and file size – which was not the case here, since I was using the Merrills both before and after the update. I was hoping for an improvement of the performance in version 5.7 – but that did not happen. In retrospect, I am just happy that, for me, 5.7 is running as fast/slowly as 5.6: since the release photographers have commented in some pertinent forums that 5.7 is running noticeably slower than the previous version. One should think that Adobe has learned from mistakes of the past and that the new version with the round number would not just shine because of new features, but also because of a decidedly improved performance. But as I could read this evening on (I know I’m a little late), LR6 is even more pronouncedly slow than 5.7. And this despite of (or maybe because of?) the much hyped GPU acceleration.


In the mentioned heise-article it was also said that the Capture One has been able to delegate part of the calculations to the CPU since version 7. Am I correct in assuming that GPU acceleration is implemented in an even better way into the current version? Since I have been hearing a lot of good things about Capture One for a year now, or maybe even longer, I am going to download the 30-day trial version to check if the program is as good as promised. I am not going to buy it blindly, as it is, after all, quite expensive for a RAW converter. Also, I don’t really get the license options with “single/multiple users” and the number of “seats”.

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