Even large corporations like free content


Usually it is companies in the intellectual-property sector who are raging against illegal copies and the culture of not paying for things on the Internet. This refers to people downloading content (music, movies, videogames,…) without paying for them. As can be seen in the examples below, it is by far not only Joe Public who has no sympathy for people in creative professions also having to eat and pay bills. Also big corporations are getting more and more miserly – but in an even more repulsive way.

As can be seen in the screenshots below, “Miller Lite” – a brand of the Miller Brewing Company, the second-largest brewing company in the US – wants a photo for free in order to use it in a television commercial. This means that, on the one hand, they are not willing to purchase a license for the photo and pay the photographer Nikki May for her work, but, on the other hand, there is obviously sufficient money to pay for a much, much more expensive advertising campaign on TV. They are not even willing to mention the photographer or let her have the recognition that is her due. “Pride” is the only reward promised. Personally, I think one does not have to understand or put up with this as a photographer.





The licensing procedure for Samsung UK is downright fascinating. On Instagram one is contacted with a text block and only has to reply with #yes if one agrees to the licensing terms.


Those, however, are something to behold: first, one guarantees that one has the rights to the photo in question and that all people in the picture have signed a so-called model release contract. Otherwise, if there should be a lawsuit, one has to indemnify Samsung. Second, Samsung is allowed to use the photo for all possible purposes and can even grant a license to third parties without the photographer having insight into it – since the photographer has relinquished this right as well as the right of rescission already in advance. Here you can find the licensing terms.

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