Sigma DP3 Quattro Link Collection: Reviews, Sample Images, Videos


Up until now only a few reviews of the Sigma DP3Q were published on the web, but since all the Quattros share the same inner workings and body, only the lens of the “3” represents an unknown quantity. Admittedly the DP3 Merrill has the same lens, its job on that camera, however, is to project images onto a 14.7 MP sensor, not a 20 MP one. For this reason, high res samples are a must, in order to be able to decide whether the camera fits one’s needs or not. I’ve also included links that lead to scaled-down images, which are no doubt worthless for pixel peeping, but can be quite useful for assessing purely aesthetical aspects of image quality – like for example Bokeh. You can gather the remaining info by reading DP1Q and DP2Q reviews.

As soon as additional reviews and samples hit the web, I’ll update the link collection. 🙂



“The dp3 Quattro won’t suit everyday snapshooters and may not be ideal for some photo enthusiasts. It’s even more ponderous to use than its dp2 Quattro sibling and the raw conversion software, though capable, is quirky. But that Foveon sensor is hard to beat if you’re after rich colour rendition plus detail that rivals the best DSLRs we’ve reviewed.”

“This dp Quattro has the same components as ever: an APS-C sensor with Foveon technology, capable of producing 39 Mpx photos, an atypical interface and pleasant handling. The dp3 Quattro also has a 50mm f/2.8 Macro prime lens equivalent to 75mm f/2.8. As we expected, the dp3 Quattro is excellent in one area only: it can capture every detail of your subject. Equally unsurprisingly, the dp3 Quattro is very restrictive, owing to its limited uses. But it’s a unique device, and if it happens to fit your needs, it’ll be a great companion.” (French)

Sample images

Official full res samples by Sigma Japan

Sigma DP3 Quattro Group on Flickr

DP3 Quattro and FT-1201 on Flickr

Full res samples on and

Beautiful web size captures on

DP3Q „Add-On Overkill“

6 MP samples on

DPReview Forum: DP3Q vs DP3Q/FT-1201 and Landscapes taken with the DP3Q

Multiple aperture and ISO series on

Numerous DP3Q samples on,

Impressive photos on

Several portraits taken with the DP3Q (some with the FT-1201) on


Sigma DP3 Quattro unboxing

A Japanese video about the DP3Q incl. FT-1201, LVF-01 and a 3D-printed adapter for the gigantic LH780-05 lens hood – that’s the lens hood that comes with the 150/2.8 EX DG OS HSM lens

A South Korean Review of the DP3Q


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