Small people, big landscapes: Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt’s incredible self-photos


One should think that a dentist running a private practice does not have the time to travel to remote landscapes and be seriously involved with landscape and animal photography. However, Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt, who lives in Tyrol, shows that it is indeed possible to have a challenging job as well as indulge in a time-intensive hobby. Saying that, his portfolio is no less impressive than that of many well-known professional photographers. However, it is not so much his landscapes or animals, but his incredible self-portraits, which have been going around the internet for days and which brought him to my attention. I am consciously calling these shots “self-photos” instead of “self-portraits”, as these photographs have got nothing in common with conventional self-portraits, let alone selfies.


© Nicholas Roemmelt

Nicholas-Roemmelt-2 Nicholas-Roemmelt-3 Nicholas-Roemmelt-4 Nicholas-Roemmelt-5

© Nicholas Roemmelt

Even more fitting than “self-photos” might be the description “small people in vast landscapes” – like 500px ISO are calling them. In the linked article Max Rive is mentioned as well, another representative of the “small people in vast landscapes” genre. 😉

  1. These are wonderful photos, love his style!


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