Display week 2015: high resolution displays and an EVF with more than 3000 PPI


Display Week. Especially the giant, high-resolution flat screens were apparently hard to miss – like a 10k-model by the Chinese manufacturer Boe, which sports a screen diagonal of 82 inches and a resolution of – wait for it – 10,240 by 4320 pixel (that’s 44 megapixel!). However, if one puts resolution and screen size in relation to each other, then the pixel density is only a meagre 135 PPI.

Much more impressive, and for us photographers much more interesting, are the 3000 PPI of an EVF-display by Forth Dimension Displays, a subsidiary company of Kopin. Although the micro-display, which is only 1.7cm by 1.3cm big, comes with a dizzyingly high resolution of 2048×1536 pixel (3,15 megapixel), there is a lot of scepticism surrounding the fact that the colours are displayed one after the other. Current EVF displays running a sequential system – like the one in the EVF of the Panasonic GX7 – apparently, and according to a number of reports, do not switch fast enough. This leads to some people noticing these albeit quite rapid changes between colours in a negative way. Time will have to show if the micro-display by Forth Dimension Displays features not only an extremely high resolution, but is also fast enough to avoid the so-called „Color Tearing“ effect.


Image source:  Ulrike Kuhlmann, heise.de

If the micro-display really switches as fast as described on Heise, it would be the “next big thing” in the EVIL-sector – especially if one keeps in mind that current high-end EVFs come with a resolution of merely 1024×768 pixel (0,79 megapixel).

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