Samuel Jaffe shows in his pictures how beautiful caterpillars can be


The US-American nature photograph Samuel Jaffe discovered his enthusiasm for the world of animals and plants when he was still very young. About five years ago, he turned to breeding and photographing caterpillars. After many impressive photos and a number of exhibitions and lectures, his hobby-project lead to the founding of The Caterpillar Lab in 2013 – a charitable organisation which advocates the advancement of environmental consciousness and reforming the education system to that end.

Being well aware that awareness training has to start with the youngest, Jaffe and his TCL colleagues visit schools and educational institutions all over the country with their native caterpillars in order to make the beauty of nature accessible to the students and to convey the importance of environmental protection.

The TCL does not only aim to change things to the better on a regional level, which is proven by the beautiful photos that Jaffe takes of his little darlings. These are meant for all those who are either too old for the classroom, or who live too far away from New England. As Jaffe writes, all charismatic, native kinds of caterpillars are represented. 😉

cat-2© Samuel Jaffecat-3 cat-4 cat-5 cat-6 cat-9 cat-11

© Samuel Jaffe

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