Sigma News & Rumours: DP0 Quattro full resolution sample images


Two weeks ago Sigma published the MTF graphs, according to which the DP0 Quattro has got the sharpest lens of all DPs. Slowly but surely, full resolution example images are appearing on the internet which seem to consolidate this. Going by a series of sample shots with different apertures ranging from f/4 to f/10, which can be found on the Japanese website, the 14mm f/4 lens seems to be extremely sharpness even at maximum aperture and in the corners of the picture. Stopping down increases the sharpness only a little, if at all. In another post, also published on Yaotomi, there are three photos that also allow first conclusions regarding the CAs. As can be expected of such a WA lens, there are CAs, however, these are not particularly strong and should be easily with suitable software.


On the official website of Sigma Japan, there are two more galleries (slash/New York and Gallery) with more than forty full resolution sample images. The Flickr user Foxfoto_Archives has uploaded many more full resolution samples to his/her DP0-Quattro photo album. Those of you who still haven’t got enough, can visit the DP0 Quattro group on Flickr. More than 470 photos can be viewed there at the moment, but unfortunately and to the great regret of pixel-peepers, not all at full resolution. 😉

  1. […] after slash/New York and Gallery, Sigma Japan published additional sample pictures taken with the DP0 Quattro – this time under […]


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