Stephen McMennamy’s “#ComboPhotos”: intentionally easy to spot photo manips


As the creative Director of BBDO Atlanta, a branch office of the advertising agency BBDO, Stephen McMennamy is very well versed in image and video editing. After all, the majority of his work consists in designing and editing content to efficiently convey certain sales messages. Of course, as we all know, these must not in any way seem forced – finesse is one of the advertising world’s most priced virtues. Exceptions like the controversial advertising campaign “I’m not stupid!” by Media Markt prove the rule. 😉

Everything but subtle is McMennamy’s plan of attack in his private photo project called #ComboPhotos. He wants the beholder to immediately get the flim-flam, and thereby also the funny allusions. Therefore he doesn’t put any effort into creating a smooth transition between two parts of his photo collages. Personally, I think this is what makes his photo series interesting. Anyway, have a look yourself:


© Stephen McMennamy

Stephen-McMennamy-2 Stephen-McMennamy-3 Stephen-McMennamy-4 Stephen-McMennamy-8 Stephen-McMennamy-9 Stephen-McMennamy-10 Stephen-McMennamy-11 Stephen-McMennamy-12

© Stephen McMennamy

You can find more photos by Stephen McMennamy on his Instagram account and on his Tumblr page.

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