Animals hitching a ride: a crow riding an eagle


When I reported about that baby weasel riding along on the back of a green woodpecker in March, I was completely sure that that motif had been a truly singular photo opportunity. As two rather similar photos show, which have been published since then, animals hitching a ride happens more often than one would think. The first photo was taken by Richard Jones at the Oklawaha River mid-June, in central Florida, and shows a racoon “surfing” on the back of an alligator.

However, that one’s got nothing on the second photo which was published a few days ago. The amateur photographer Phoo Chan, who lives in California, managed to take a picture of a crow “hitching a flight” on the back of a bald eagle.

krähe-fliegt-auf-adler-huckepack© Phoo Chan

Whenever such unbelievable photos start making the rounds, it usually doesn’t take long for accusations that the photo is not authentic, but has been photoshopped, to surface. In order to take the wind out of those sails, Chan has published four more photos from the series.

fotoserie-krähe-fliegt-auf-adler-huckepack© Phoo Chan

You can find more info on this photo in the description and more photos by Phoo Chan on his 500px account and his Flickr.

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