Sigma News & Rumours: new firmware versions for DP1Q, DP2Q and DP3Q, and first 24-35mm f2 Art sample images published!


A few days ago, Sigma published firmware updates for the DP Quattro series. As can be seen in the change log below, this time around the focus was on the speed of the auto focus and on the compatibility with Eye-Fi memory cards. Since I was still on holiday when the news where published and only had the combo SD1/18-300 C with me, I could not install the new firmware version 1.06 on my DP2 Quattro to test whether the AF speed had really been improved.

Today I finally got around to doing this and I have to say, my first impression is indeed rather positive. The boost in speed feels much bigger than when the firmware was updated to firmware version 1.02. The DP2 Quattro focuses accurately and sufficiently fast even at f/2.8, ISO3200 and an exposure time of 1/10s or longer. And it does that without the assist light and with the smallest AF area selected. The DP3 Merrill takes more than twice as long under the same light conditions, and even then the camera often runs through the entire focus range before finally giving up. As soon as one goes outside, however, the advantage of the DP2Q lessens somewhat, as can be expected. The Quattro certainly is no Olympus OMD in terms of AF speed, but after all the firmware updates, it is noticeably faster and much more reliable at focusing than the DP3M.

Sigma DP2 Quattro (volle Auflösung - full resolution)

Click on the following links to download the firmware update for your DP Quattro model:
DP1 Quattro (Version 1.03), DP2 Quattro (Version 1.06), DP3 Quattro (Version 1.01).

Change log:

  • It has improved the camera’s AF speed.
  • It is possible to select whether or not the AF function operates when the shutter button is half-pressed.
  • It has become compatible with Eye-Fi related functions.
  • It has improved the color tones in “Daylight” and “Flash” white balance modes.
  • It has corrected the occasional phenomenon that the image is not saved properly when the image size is set to S-HI.
  • It has changed the specification to use the AEL button to capture a Custom White Balance, instead of the Shutter button.
  • It has increased the number of display modes from 2 to 4 so that more options are available on the display.
  • It has changed the name of the [Display Mode Settings] menu to [|□| Mode Settings], and the name of the option from [Display Mode] to [Custom].
  • It has changed the display information during Interval Timer shooting to indicate the maximum burst of shots even when the shooting information is set at “Off”.

Note: If the firmware has been updated, please be sure to update the software to the latest version (SIGMA Photo Pro 6.3.0).

Just a day before the firmware update, the German photo magazine published the first sample images taken with the Sigma 24-35mm f/2 Art. The samples were taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and are available as full resolution (22 megapixels) JPGs. However, since the resolution is relatively low compared to current MP monsters (5Ds / 5Ds R, D810, etc.) and since the photos were shot handheld, one should not jump to any conclusions.

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