90 days in 90 seconds: the following video provides a small insight into the life of a NatGeo photographer


For me and some of my friends the breathtakingly beautiful pictures of National Geographic were always a big source of inspiration. I am not exaggerating if I say that the magazine with the yellow border induced me to pay much more attention to photography. Even now that I am living in Serbia and find reading longer texts in Serbian difficult, I still buy an issue from time to time. Fortunately, gazing at beautiful pictures does not require any knowledge of a foreign language that does not know any articles, but instead has seven grammatical cases. 😉

If you are fans of the National Geographic Magazine like I am, and have always asked yourself what it is like to be a NatGeo photographer, then you are certainly going to enjoy the following video. It was taken by the photographer David Guttenfelder over a period of three months while he was documenting the influence of dams along the Mekong river for the National Geographic Society.

All of us are imagining the life of a NatGeo photographer to be very adventurous and exciting, however, one must not forget that every profession has its pitfalls. For instance, at 0:30, one can see Guttenfelder’s daughters welcoming their dad in one second, “welcome home!”, and in the next say a very sad “Bye dad!”.

You can find more info on the video here.

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