Babies in photo bags – the newest baby photo trend after baby mugging


The newest trend amongst photographers is putting the own offspring to bed in camera bags and then taking a photo. Judging by the bags stuffed with photo equipment, this trend seems to be especially popular amongst professionals and serious hobby photographers. 🙂

I’ve been seeing this kind of pictures every so often for one, two years now, but recently the trend seems to have been picking up. One could call this “Baby Mugging 2.0”, just with a noticeably increased picture quality and a certain “show-off” factor. 😉


© Alessandro Della Bella


© Chris Moncus

© Drake Busch

© Ning Wong

© Tom Pennington

The photos are definitely cute (are there even any baby photos that aren’t?), however, they do not make me grin the same way the baby-mugging photos did. It could be that the baby mugging shots were much more playful and came across as much more spontaneous, while the baby-in-photo-equipment-bag photos all seem much more thought through and emotionless.

What do you prefer, baby mugging or the pictures shown here?

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