Earth view: a curated collection of impressive satellite pictures of Earth


Earth View is a curated collection of more than 1500 extremely impressive satellite shots of Earth that were found in Google Earth. Of course, it is obviously clear that the same beautiful pictures, or places, can be found in Google Earth as well, but who wants to search for hours if the Earth View operators make it so easy? 😉 Below I have included some photos so that you can get a taste for what is waiting for you at Earth View.


Image source: Earth View

google-4 google-5 google-6 google-8 google-9

Image source: Earth View

If you like these pictures and if you like browser apps and plugins, then you should probably also take a closer look at the Earth View app for Chrome. Every time you open a new tab, the app shows a randomly selected picture in that window. However, if you, like me, cannot stand slow browsers that keep lagging, then you should probably rather download the pictures that you like as wallpapers. To do that you only have to click on the horizontal bars in the upper left corner, and afterwards simply click on the menu item “download wallpaper”. 🙂

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