Sigma News & Rumors: Info about a 24mm f/2.8 for m43 and an interesting Interview with Kazuto Yamaki


When the rumor factory was working overtime the last time, it was said that Sigma was developing two 12-24mm lenses and that other than these two UWA zooms no other lenses will be announced this year. Now Photo Rumors claims to have gotten the info, that Sigma will announce a 24mm f/2.8 DN for the Micro Four Thirds mount by the end of the month. Since Sigma has announced and released all of its lenses for CSC for the mFT as well as the Sony E mount, it is safe to assume that the same thing will happen this time around. Of course provided that the info from Photo Rumors is correct at all, which given the vast selection of standard primes (25mm) for mFT doesn’t seem likely. 😉


You may also find the interview interesting, which Ming Thein – arguably the best known photo blogger aside from Steve Huff, Ken Rockwell and Thom Hogan – has held with the CEO of Sigma, Mr. Kazuto Yamaki. Their conversation provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, like for example why the Quattros have such an oddly designed body, whether Sigma is developing lenses for Sony’s A7 series or how does a relatively small family business even manage to develop and produce lenses as good as the Art series and compete with large international corporations such as Canon and Nikon.

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