The right timing: Salah Baazizi photographs birds as they catch fish


Wildlife photographer Salah Baazizi has a natural talent for photographing birds, as they pluck fish from the waters. Due to his almost uncanny sense of timing, he succeeds very often in capturing the exact moment, in which a fish taken from the water lands into the mouth of a hungry bird. The impressive, close-up photos of terns, herons and cormorants appear as if they had been taken by Baazizi from a close distance. In reality he uses a 400mm telephoto prime lens mounted onto an ASP-C DSLR and, as is common in wildlife photography, captures his motifs from far away. His preferred “hunting grounds” are the biodiverse waters around Bolsa Chica in southern California.

birds-1 © Salah Baazizi

birds-2 birds-3 birds-6 birds-7 birds-8

© Salah Baazizi

The photos embedded above are only a very small part of Baazizi’s impressive portfolio. You can find many more bird photos on his 500x page und Flickr stream.

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