This is how much ink an inkjet printer wastes


In some discussions about the price of printer ink in relevant forums people often claim sarcastically that the fluid is allegedly more expensive than human blood on the black market. I don’t know how much blood on the black market actually costs; however, it can’t be denied that ink, with prices per liter in a four-digit Euro range, counts among the most expensive fluids on earth.

Considering that it is a mass product which can still cost more than 2,000 or 3,000 Euros per liter, a fine wine stored in a cellar for several decades doesn’t even seem so expensive anymore. Only few fluids are even more expensive than printer ink, and, as already mentioned, that’s fine wines and some medication that is hard to produce, such as antidotes.

What is the really sad thing about all this is the fact that most printers are very wasteful with this valuable substance. The video below by Bellevue Fine Art, a Seattle-based print service provider, only shows the professional printer Epson 9900, however, other professional or home printers aren’t any better in this regard.

Yes, you’ve got it right, the printer displays that the 700ml cartridge is almost empty even though it still contains about 150ml of ink. With a price of €220 for a 700ml cartridge, that makes €50 or €550, respectively, for the complete set of 11 cartridges that the printer simply squeezes out of you.

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