Animal Soul: Rob Bahou’s impressive portraits of dogs and cats


Dogs and cats are two of the most photographed motifs, which is why many photographers hold the view that they are boring. But just as you think that you’ve seen every possible cat or dog photo, you stumble upon images taken by a photographer, who puts a completely new spin on the topic. My latest discovery is the 22-year-old Jordanian photographer Rob Bahou, who has proven with his photo series “Animal Soul” once again, that the potential of the said motifs is truly endless. I find that the title of the series fits perfectly, given how Bahou has managed to capture our four-legged friends in such a way, that they appear surprisingly expressive and human-like.


© Rob Bahou

22905332Name-AgeGender-Shar-Pei-0630 Scuba-4M-Mix-3345

© Rob Bahou

Bahou is currently trying to publish “Animal Soul” as a 220-page photo book. He has already shot all the photos, the only thing missing is a publisher, willing to publish the book. Since I’m a sucker for cat and dog photos, as you all probably know, I would do it myself, if I were in the publishing business. 🙂

You can find additional photos by Rob Bahou on his website. His horse portraits are also worth a look.

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