Just strike me pink: Coconut Camera by Kotama Bouabane


The Toronto-based photographer Kotama Bouabane undoubtedly has a sense of humor, given that instead of a regular camera he prefers to take photos with a coconut.


© Kotama Bouabane

He repurposed the coconut into a camera by cutting it in half, removing the meat from the shell and drilling a hole, which acts as the camera’s lens. Black-and-white photo paper, placed between the two halves of the coconut, is used as the recording medium. The two camera halves are being held together by a rubber band. Starting an exposure is being achieved by removing a piece of electrical tape from the aforementioned hole/lens. 🙂

As if the coconut camera wasn’t absurd enough on its own, Bouabane mounts it onto a selfie stick and visits popular tourist locations. As you can see towards the end of the following video, in which Bouabane talks about his project, the coconut camera is well received by tourists.

One doesn’t have to look at the results in the video or down below, in order to realize that what Bouabane is doing, is not exactly a serious photo project, but rather a tongue-in-cheek critique of society. 😉
Kotama_Bouabane_Video_Screenshot_2 Kotama_Bouabane_Video_Screenshot_3

© Kotama Bouabane

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