Sigma News & Rumors: first full-resolution 20mm f/1.4 Art samples are now online


Sigma has managed to keep the existence of the 20mm f/1.4 Art secret for a very long time. First rumors began to surface only a couple of days before the announcement. Naturally it came as quite a surprise to everyone, given that information about a new lens usually begins to emerge long before its official introduction.

It was a “one-step” announcement – instead of releasing info and specs bit by bit, as it has become common recently, Sigma had released full specs and info (including MSRP) in one fell swoop. The only thing missing, were convincing sample images. Only one photo was released and on Sigma Germany website at that. Meanwhile you can find quite a few full-resolution samples on the internet, which were taken with full frame as well as APS-C cameras.


As was often the case in the past editors at LensTip have managed to beat all others to the punch this time around as well and to release many samples taken with the 20/1.4 A and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. While pixel peeping you should, however, keep in mind, that LensTip is one of the few websites that don’t sharpen their images at all. As far as I known they shoot in the JPG mode, with the sharpening deactivated completely.

You can find additional samples, which were taken with a Sigma SD1 Merrill, on the Sigma Japan website.

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