Sigma news and rumors: Development of SD1 Quattro confirmed once again


It’s been a long time since a presumably more advanced model of the SD1 Merrill was mentioned for the first time. In the blog entry written at the end of July 2014, Sigma Rumors reported about an interview that the website had conducted with Mister Kazuto Yamaki. In the course of this interview, Sigma’s CEO confirmed that the Quattro sensor would be used in the next SLR camera. Thus it also became clear that, contrary to the fears of some forum users, the SD1 Merrill wouldn’t be the last model in the SD series.

Now the SD1Q has been mentioned once again in an interview, this time on It was stated that the SD1Q is currently under development, but at present they could neither tell more about its specifications nor about the day of its announcement.


In the last entry on the SD1Q, Sigma Rumors was speculating about the camera being announced at the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show in February 2016. Interestingly, the SD1 Merrill will celebrate its 5th anniversary in February next year, which makes me believe that Sigma Rumors will turn out to be right. What do you think, will the SD1Q be announced at the CES, at the CP+, or not any sooner than at the Photokina?

  1. I own two redundant SD1 bodies and a case full of redundant SA lenses. The cameras are redundant because technology has moved on, the lenses are redundant because no-one sees a market in developing adapters for them to fit mirrorless cameras. I have not sold them for sentimental reasons. I would love to see an SD1 replacement to use my lenses on. But that replacement would need live view, an oled viewfinder, fast write times, decent battery life, and a commitment from Sigma that we won’t have to wait five years for another upgrade.


    1. An SD1 replacement can’t have an OLED viewfinder (as in EVF) and be compatible with existing lenses at the same time. Unless Sigma were to design a camera similar to the Pentax K-01, which wasn’t well received at all by the market. There would be no advantage over a new DSLR body, it would be just as big because of the flange back distance.


      1. Tim Shoebridge April 2, 2016 at 8:33 pm

        Well it seems like Sigma listened to me when they dreamt up the SD Quattro ! =D

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