Wildlife photography: Jonny Armstrong turns the wilderness into his studio


Jonny Armstrong works as an ecologist, but he’s better known as a wildlife photographer who has an unusual approach to this genre. His pictures are breathtakingly beautiful and look as if they’d been shot from up close in the studio. A hardcore wildlife photographer, Armstrong takes his photos in the wild of course. Instead of SLR cameras and long telephoto lenses, he almost exclusively uses camera traps and flash.

Those shooting pictures this way understandably have to know how to deal with ill success, as it often happens that the image won’t turn out well even after several days. Even someone as gifted and as experienced as Armstrong returns empty-handed in 75% of all cases, as David Hobby writes on his blog Strobist. Usually, the animal is already out of, or at least only partially in the field of view, or it gazes into another direction. The exposure settings as chosen by the photographer sometimes turn out wrong, which can happen rather easily, especially when the photographer tries to combine long exposures and flashlight. Having all this in mind, you can’t help but wonder how Armstrong succeeds at all in taking such brilliant pictures. Just for you to know what I’m talking about, I’ve attached a tiny part of his impressive portfolio below.

jackal© Jonny Armstrong

jackalpair leopard2 redfox

© Jonny Armstrong

You can find more wildlife photos on Armstrong’s website. On his blog he describes in detail how he has shot many of his pictures. His articles are especially interesting for all those who’d like to learn more about the use of flash in daylight and low light conditions.

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