Selfies with animals – Allan Dixon aka the „real-life Doctor Dolittle“


His real name is Allan Dixon, his followers on Instagram and Twitter, however, like to call him the “real-life Dr. Dolittle”. The Irish adventurer and globetrotter had been given this nickname, because of his intriguing ability to persuade animals into posing for his selfies.

As anyone knows, who is into animal photography, it is rather hard to shoot a good photo of an animal. And even more so, should taking a good photo depend on the willingness of the animal to participate. In order for the animals to peer into the camera and look as if smiling and having a whale of a time, it is necessary, according to Dixon, for them to feel at ease in the presence of the photographer. To gain their trust, one has to be still and to spend a lot of time with them. The camera – with flash, AF assist light, shutter and AF sounds turned off – should be in one’s hand from the outset, so that animals can get accustomed to its presence. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to have the animal whisperer gene. 🙂

You can find additional photos by Allan Dixon, most of which aren’t selfies, on Instagram.

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