Snowy owl snapped by traffic camera


Several days ago, a snowy owl was snapped in an impressive video by a traffic camera in the Canadian province of Quebec. Fascinated by that wonderful animal, Quebec’s Minister of Transport, Robert Poëti, uploaded several screenshots on Twitter and on Facebook, where they were liked and shared by hundreds of users within a couple of hours. Then, a number of media reported about the amazing pictures, thus making the snowy owl a star on the internet.

Image source: Transport Quebec


Image source: Transport Quebec

According to Robert Poëti, the said video was filmed at the intersection of Montreal’s Highway 40 and the Boulevard des Sources – a spot where you’d least expect to find a snowy owl. I’ve attached the video below, but you won’t see a lot because the snowy owl was flying very fast past the surveillance camera.

Of course, successful images like that make you wonder if there aren’t any more of such snapshots. A brief research has found that traffic cameras are a real magnet for birds. Below I’ve attached two YouTube videos: In the first one, a crow, and in the second one a toucan is trying to take the camera apart. 🙂

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