Animated Light Paintings: Photosgraphé by Lucea Spinelli


In the past I frequently wrote about photographers transforming dozens of photos into short, animated sequences, so-called cinemagraphs. The two most popular photographers working with this type of photography are French: Julien Douvier sees beauty in every trivial move and perfectly understands how to capture it and make it visible to the observer. His colleague Romain Laurent, on the other hand, is an entertainer who uses the options of a GIF image file format in order to amuse the observer. His animated portraits make you smile even on depressing winter days.

Now I’d like to present Lucea Spinelli, who uses an approach that differs from the one of the two Frenchmen. Instead of ordinary photos the artist from New York reassembles several Light Paintings into a cinemagraph. It’s hard enough to even shoot such a picture because lots of things may go wrong during the long exposure. However, for one single cinemagraph you need twenty to forty of such photos. And as if the effort wasn’t great enough already, Spinelli in some cinemagraphs combines bulb exposure or Light Painting, respectively, with movements, as in the last image with the two chairs. By coincidence I like this one best. 🙂

BellJar © Lucea Spinelli

Isle-650w Swinger-800 The-Conversation-sm© Lucea Spinelli

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