The greatest advantage of mirrorless system cameras: You can bring more beer with you ;)


The issue of mirrorless system cameras has been dividing opinions in photography forums for many years. According to supporters and despite considerable drawbacks – such as high power consumption and not yet competitive continuous autofocus – mirrorless cameras are now better suited for most applications than DSLR cameras. Over the years, the critics have moved away from their firm attitude – mirrorless cameras are no longer considered as useless toys, but in their point of view the disadvantages still outweigh the advantages. What is missing to convince the skeptics of the mirrorless concept is a “killer feature”.

Judging by the press event that took place a few days ago, Fujifilm recognized the problem long ago and thought about intensively how the advantages of mirrorless system cameras could be communicated in a better way. You can see the result of these considerations in the following image which was taken during the presentation by Toru Takahashidie (Vice President at Fujifilm).



I’m not a marketing expert but it seems to me like a marketing strategy that might become very successful in Germany at least. 😉

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