Kevin Abosch – a good photographer and an even better business man


Irish photographer Kevin Abosch is known for his portraits of famous and influential people as well as for his strong business acumen. Rumors have it that he’s good friends with every CEO in Silicon Valley and that he’s able to see and take a photo of the “true face of a star”. His portraits with a black background have become a status symbol among business people in the high-tech and entertainment industries.


Self portrait by Kevin Abosch

© Kevin Abosch

That’s why having your portrait taken by Abosch isn’t a cheap affair. $150,000 and more is what a simple photo shooting costs – $500,000 if you wish to use your photos commercially.

However, Abosch isn’t just a portrait photographer, he’s also interested in fine art photography. Potatoes are among his favorite motifs, because they “like people are all different yet immediately identifiable as being essentially of the same species”, as the photographer explains on Petapixel. Last year Abosch sold the following picture of a potato for €1 million to a collector:


© Kevin Abosch

If you’d like to know more about the photographer – or rather about the phenomenon – Kevin Abosch, I recommend you read this article on

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