Hilarious: Nikon Singapore awards prize to a blatant photoshop fake


As reported by Petapixel a few days ago Nikon Singapore has announced the winner of its latest photo competition. The winning photo, which looks impressive at first glance, was submitted by a photographer called Chay Yu Wei. It shows an airplane while approaching to land, framed by a fire ladder. This photo would have been a very nice example of the importance of timing in photography, were it not for the fact that it’s a blatant photoshop fake. 😉


Unsurprisingly photographers immediately started pointing out, that it is a fake.


Only a few hours thereafter visitors began posting their own fakes in the comments section. A train, the villain Darth Vader in his starship and the movie monster Godzilla are but a few motifs, which were supposedly sighted at that exact spot. 😉

63 5

What makes this failed attempt hilarious is the fact, that the inserted image of the airplane is actually a .png file with a transparent background. You can find it rather easily by typing „Plane Airplane Icon Transparent Background“ in the image search. Had Chay Yu Wie not saved it as a .jpg file and had he used a suitable blend mode, no one would have been the wiser.

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